Data Center 2.0Writer of the book ‘Data Center 2.0 – The Sustainable Data Center’ (ISBN 978-1499224689).

A sustainable data center should be environmentally viable, economically equitable, and socially bearable. Creating sustainable data centers is not a technical problem but an economic problem to be solved.

Data Center 2.0: The Sustainable Data Center is an in-depth look into the steps needed to transform modern-day data centers into sustainable entities.

The book takes a conceptual approach on the subject of data centers and sustainability. It offers at least multiple views and aspects on sustainable data centers to allow readers to gain a better understanding and provoke thoughts on how to create sustainable data centers.

The book has endorsements of Paul-Francois Cattier Global Senior, Vice-President Data Center – Schneider Electric, Mark Thiele, President and Founder – Data Center Pulse, and John Post, Managing Director – Foundation  Green IT Amsterdam region.

RightSourcingCoversmallFounder of The Sourcing Initiative and co-editor of the book Right Sourcing – Enabling Cooperation (ISBN 9781481792806)The Sourcing Initiative is an international, non-profit, collaborative effort of a group of writers to write a book about Sourcing. Our proposition is that the modern enterprise must fundamentally rethink its sourcing equation (Organization, People, Economics and Technology) to become or remain viable. We have dubbed this Right Sourcing. The book has endorsements, among other, of Lem Lasher, Global Chief Innovation Officer CSC and professor Herman Wijffels, Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI). See

book-coverCo-writer of the book, Greening IT (ISBN 8791936020). The book aims at promoting awareness of the potential of Greening IT, such as Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, Thin Clients and Greening Supply Chains. The foreword of the book is made by, European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard. Greening IT is an international, non-profit, collaborative effort of a group of writers to cover as many areas of Green IT. The chapter “Why Green IT is Hard – An Economic Perspective” is my contribution to this book. See

PPDC2012Writer, on behalf of BroadGroup, of the report Power Market, Power Prices and Datacentres in Europe. The report describes the complex relationship between data centres and electricity market drivers, the pressure to reduce carbon emissions and the EU 20-20-20 policy framework, within the context of an ageing power grid and power plant infrastructure.



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