Green IT is Hard

A New Book in Town

Did you already have a look at Greening.IT ?
This weekend a next public draft release of our book, on how IT can be used to build a Low-Carbon Society, will be published and can be downloaded. Our mission is to write an internationally collaborative non-profit book on Green IT in order to increase awareness of the possibilities of IT in building a Low Carbon Society.
The chapter “Why Green IT is Hard” is a personal contribution to this book. To give you some idea, here is the abstract and a word cloud:

Why Green IT is Hard

An Economic Perspective

According to the common view, Green IT comes down to implementing technical measures. The idea is that, given better power management of equipment in the workspace (such as laptops and pc’s), more efficient power usage of servers, storage and network components, virtualization of servers, better power and cooling management in data centers, the problems can be solved. In this article, But is this really true? The reason IT is not green at this moment is at least as much due to perverse incentives. Green IT is about power and money, about raising barriers to trade, segmenting markets and differentiating products. Many of the problems can be explained more clearly and convincingly using the language of economics:  asymmetric information, moral hazard, switching and transaction costs and innovation. Green IT is not a technical problem but an economical problem to be solved.

Why Green IT is Hard

A word cloud of the chapter Why Green IT is Hard

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