Data Center Ups and Downs in the Nordic

Just before the end of the year some new DC developments in the Nordic.

Alchemy Plus which hoped to build a multi-million pound data centre in Shetland has gone back to the drawing board, but says it is still keen on doing business in the isles.

Alchemy Plus held talks with Shetland Islands Council in April 2010 as part of research into what might have been a “state-of-the-art” £12 million computing resource housing 300 racks of IT equipment. At the time Alchemy stated that it hoped to have the data farm up and running on the outskirts of Lerwick within 18 months.

Since then things have gone quiet. According to Alchemy chairman Peter Swanson technology in the world of data centres had been moving at breakneck speed. This dramatic shift in technology had given his firm cause to “rehash our whole thinking”.

ThorDCFurther north Skýrr, the leading IT company in Iceland, has announced that it has bought Thor Data Center, a data centre situated just south of Reykjavík in Hafnafjordur.

The data center which was opened in May of 2011, is primarily known for the fact that Opera (the Norwegian web browser company) will move a significant part of its electronic data traffic to the Thor Data Center via sub-sea cables run by the Icelandic telecommunications company E-Farice.

Thor DC also recently announced the Emerald Express Trans-Atlantic Cable System in Grindavik, Reykjanes, set to be launched in December 2012. The planned 100×100 Gbps network could transform trans-Atlantic bandwidth and connectivity, allowing the Iceland-based data center to offer ultra low latency connections to Europe and North America.

Gestur G. Gestsson, the CEO of Skýrr, has commented, “Thor Data Center has actively been involved in the marketing of Iceland’s environmentally friendly options for data centre companies. The data centre has great employees with advanced knowledge of the structure and architecture of data centres. Here at Skýrr, we are very proud of this great addition to the to the family” Gestsson continued, “We have been looking into developing a data centre here in Iceland for a while now as there are so many great opportunities in this field, especially in foreign markets. We expect that Thor Data Center will help bring in foreign currency and contribute to the overall development of the country’s economy.”

Skýrr is based in Iceland but also has a solid position in the Nordic markets through its subsidiaries abroad in Norway and Sweden.

Although the climate and natural environment of this remote parts of Europe is definitely interesting for DC operators the continuity of business initiatives and companies is still not certain.