Online library Green ICT practices available


In the context of a collaboration project between the VU University Amsterdam (Software and Services Research Group) and SURFNet, the VU University Amsterdam developed an on-line library for Green ICT practices. It currently contains 258 practices elicited from both industrial practice and academic publications.

As stated by the project team “In spite of the investments in green ICT, companies and educators lack reusable green practices including operational actions to re-green ICT, metrics, and examples of achieved results. The objective of the project is to make available reusable practices for energy-efficient ICT systems and more sustainable ICT supported processes. By setting up an open green ICT practices library, students, educators and researchers can study and experiment with green practices, and measure the achieved environmental effects and economic benefits.”

Currently the library is presented with a collection of green ICT practices elicited from literature, research/education and industry. It makes explicit their environmental effects and economic benefits, which assists companies and organizations to select the most appropriate green practices for their own green objectives.

The current library can be browsed by category, goal, environmental effect and economic impact.

At this stage they need help to test the library and send them your feedback on usability and any other aspects you deserve as important. Companies that have successful practices and experiences in improving ICT energy efficiency are highly welcome to contribute.

To visit the online library:

And for the project description take a look at this site.

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