VMworld Europe: Transform Now!


Transform Now!

Last week at VMworld Barcelona not only attention was given to products and solutions across the three key layers of Infrastructure, Application Platform and End-user technology but also much attention was given to how to transform the traditional IT department to an IT department that is ready for the Cloud Era.

With a specific conference track, ‘IT Transformation’, VMware paid tribute to the fact that on demand services based on automated and policy based provisioning and deployment will change the current operational model of IT.

With the introduction of cloud computing we are witnessing the transition from an ‘artisan’ way of IT production to an industrial way of IT production. Handcrafted, dedicated IT infrastructure siloes will be converted into industrial made, commoditized and generic, horizontal IT infrastructural platforms. For this, a new operational model of IT is needed to make this transition possible. In several presentations VMware staff told that last year they had worked on an IT Transformation model that must support the customers to make this move.

A 3 steps capability model was presented; starting with a traditional reactive IT organization, according to VMware the IT organization has to change to a proactive service broker and finally should get an position as an innovative strategic partner for the business. To make this happen four worktracks or swimming lanes were defined. The first one is for the well known Technology and Architecture activities to answer the question which technology should be used to build a Software defined infrastructure. The other ones are about answering the question “How do I operate in this new world”. Thus talking and taking action on processes & control and people, culture & organization and IT Business management. VMware anounced that their view on how to transform IT will soon be supported by improved or new products for automated provisioning and deployment and the monitoring of capacities, qualities and costs of IT services. Also new consulting services, education offerings and certifications about IT Transformation can be expected.

VMware made it very clear that the only way you can be succesful in the new Cloud Era is by transforming your current IT organization. Only paying attention to technology is a dead end street. This change will require a lot of effort.

Besides the technology costs the organizational transition costs of cloud computing is something that should not be forgotten.


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