The Sourcing Initiative; enabling cooperation

Sourcing Initiative WordleThe Sourcing Initiative is an international, non-profit, collaborative effort of a group of writers to cover as many areas of Sourcing. The idea is that there are a lot of issues at stake in modern enterprises. Our proposition is that the modern enterprise must fundamentally rethink its sourcing equation (Organization, People, Economics and Technology) to become or remain viable. We have dubbed this Right Sourcing.

Now we like to share with you our first iteration of the book.

This first iteration shows the summaries of the chapters we are currently working on. It will give you a first impression about the topics we like to address.

Until now we got positive feedback on the theme of the book. By sharing this first iteration with the public audience we hope to get renewed attention and feedback and also we like to attract new authors.

We are actively looking for contributors to the book to improve the quality of the message being conveyed. Therefore we need your help and your ideas on the vast topic of ‘Sourcing’ – in order to reach an agile organization. If you are interested we would very much like to talk to you.

Some examples of topics we would also like to address:

Supply chain; The traditional view is that value chains are mostly linear but the way organizations work shifts away from the linear value chain. An extended enterprise is a loosely coupled, self-organizing network of organizations that combine their output to provide products and services offerings to the market. Organizations in the extended enterprise may operate independently, for example, through market mechanisms, or cooperatively through agreements and contracts. One step beyond is the notion of value grid or network. What is the influence of this development on sourcing activities?

Sustainability; Given the current energy and environmental issues society has, what does this mean for sourcing activities in terms of responsibility and accountability? What governance model must we use in cases like working with hazardous substances, carbon reduction, or e-waste?

Networks; How to connect people, applications and platforms in an easy way given the fact of the increasing complexity and changes of the organization and its environment and the mobility of customers, employees, partners and suppliers? Network inflexibility can lead to the reduction of choices you have in sourcing activities. What is the relation between connectivity and sourcing activities.

Cloud Computing Economics; Here we want to address the relation between Cloud Computing delivery models (private, public, hybrid) and in-, co-, or out-sourcing in terms of lock-in, switching costs, ownership and governance.

Have a look at this first iteration:

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