Lefdal mines: green mineral went out green data center goes in

Lefdal mine

The huge Lefdal mine system

According to a press release of the Norwegian government, IBM and Lefdal mines have agreed on a memorandum of understanding to develop Lefdal Mine in Nordfjord, Sogn og Fjordane as one of the largest and leading centers for green data storage in Europe.

Lefdal mines is one of several in Norway, which has strongly committed themself to house green data centers. This can be an important growth industry for Norway, particularly in rural areas, which have large advantage in the supply of locally produced power, large and inexpensive land and also stable geological conditions. This is a competitive advantage when to facilitate this type of value creation. The letter of intent shows that Norway is an attractive country for this new industry.

This industry will offer exciting technological challenges for different players – both on the IT side, security side and on the operational side. It can mean knowledge-intensive jobs for the local communities that receive these centers.

– I am happy for this letter of agreement and hope it will provide positive effects for rural Norway. This can also help to provide new knowledge jobs and creating value in new and future-oriented industries. Such jobs are helping to ensure settlement in the country, says the Local Government and Regional Minister Liv Signe.

I congratulate IBM and Lefdal Mine with the letter of intent. The need for data storage is increasing rapidly. Norway has all the prerequisites for providing good and environmentally friendly solutions to the demanding international pioneer companies like IBM. We have a natural cooling, good technology and capital environment, good broadband infrastructure and stable conditions, both geologically and politically. This is sustainable value creation of the kind we want more of, says Trade and Industry, Trond Giske.

Lefdal mines is one of several other Norwegian initiatives in constructing large data centers inside mountains see the blog entry

Green data centers: digging up the mountains


Underground green datacenter city‘.

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