The Greening of IT: Successes, Failures, and the Future?

The Uptime Institute uploaded an interesting discussion.

It is the keynote panel discussion from Uptime Institute Symposium 2011, were George Goodman (Climate Savers Computing Initiative), Jon Haas (The Green Grid), KC Mares (Silicon Valley Leadership Group), Bruce Myatt (Critical Facilities Round Table), and Pitt Turner (Uptime Institute) join Andy Lawrence (The 451 Group) to discuss how much the industry has improved its sustainability performance in the past three years and where it should go next.

And as usual the discussion is focussing on the supply side (data center providers), technology and energy measurements.

According to the common view, Green IT comes down to implementing technical measures. The idea is that, given more efficient power usage of servers, storage and network components, virtualization, better power and cooling management in data centers, the problems can be solved. But is this really true? The rea-son IT is not green at this moment is at least as much due to perverse incentives. Green IT is about power and money, about raising barriers to trade, segmenting markets and differentiating products. Many of the problems can be explained better and convincingly using the language of economics: supply chains, asymmetric information, moral hazard, switching and transaction costs and innovation. Green IT is not a technical problem, but an economical problem to be solved. That is the reason that Greening IT is difficult.

Download the book Greening IT at to get a better grip and understanding on these subjects.

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