Underground green datacenter city

Location matters, 25 km from Måløy, Norway  (61°56′07″N 05°06′49″E) there is an old olivine mine, the Lefdal mine. The temperature is about 8 degrees Celsius all year round and there is access to cold deep-water from a nearby fjord. Also there is access to green power in the immediate surroundings: the Mehuken windmills and the Åskora/Øksenelvane hydro power station. The site is nearby Norway`s national fiber backbone. The quality of the location in combination with the growing need  for massive datacenters was the reason for Local Host to take the opportunity to invite a selection of enterprises to contribute with economic and/or technological expertise in the pilot study “Data storage in Lefdal Gruve”. The pilot study is to explore the feasibility of establishing an eco-friendly datacenter with great capacity which is able to meet the need for data centers both nationally and internationally in the olivine mine of Lefdal.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Governmental Administration and Reform and Innovation Norway and is a follow-up of ICT Norway’s report “Cloud and Fjords”. The report stated that Norway can become a substantial global player within the area of data processing and that this opens up for the possibility of creating a new, environmentally friendly and decentralized industry of international format. If this initiative becomes reality a huge underground green datacenter city will be created.

At the 5th Power and Cooling conference in London Sindre Kvalheim CEO and one of the founders of LocalHost AS gave a presentation about this remarkable initiative and showed an animated film. Some video stills are showed below.

Lefdal mine

The huge Lefdal mine system

Lefdal mine

Lefdal datacenter city with avenues and streets

Lefdal mine

Lefdal datacenter container street

Lefdal mine

Lefdal hot aisle - cold aisle datacenter street

Lefdal mine

Lefdal datacenter cooling system

Lefdal mine

Lefdal datacenter logistics

This Lefdal mine initiative is another example that ideal natural conditions have resulted in an increased interest for the northern atlantic and artic regions such as the Orkneys, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Finland as locations for processing and storage of data.

Update, promotion video Lefdal mine

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