OASIS and EU Green IT conference

Green I.T. for Green PolicyThis week (13-14 October) the Green I.T. for Green Policy conference was held in Brussels. This conference is an official event in the EU calendar during the  2010 Belgian Presidency of the European Union (EU) and was organized by the  Belgium Federal Ministry of Finance in partnership with OASIS. The objective of this two-day conference was to provide an opportunity for the public and private sectors to debate how information & Communication Technologies (ICT) can enhance environmental and energy sustainability and competitiveness in line with the goals of the EU Presidency.

As stated by Laurent Liscia, executive director of OASIS, one of the original triggers to organize this event was the book Greening IT (which is free to download at this site). The conference addressed a broad group of topics about Green IT, making IT greener, as well as Greening IT, IT as enabler for making society greener. At the opening of the conference a video was showed with short interviews on the street asking people if they know what Green IT was. It showed that for the common public awareness of Green IT is just starting. The conference itself was not for ‘greenhorns’ and went much further. All kind of Green(ing) IT related topics and interdependencies where presented and showed.

The necessity of open standards for sustainability policy. The importance of good connectivity and the opportunities that cloud computing creates for sustainability. S.O.A. & Web services to provide a platform for a more efficient power infrastructure and the challenges of identity management. Issues on how to integrate central and local power production. The major issues industry and society is facing regarding business and energy needs versus environmental and energy sustainability. It was a very fruitful and insightful conference.

The common denominator in all this presentations from the public and private sector was that we must act NOW, we risk running out of time to prevent an energy crisis and/or environmental crisis.

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