Green IT and combating E-waste crime

It is five o’clock, do you know where your  replaced  IT equipment has gone to and where its right now? What happened to the so-called electronic waste or e-waste? As explained in another blog entry of the estimated 4 million metric tons of E-waste that is shipped globally every year, a large part is illegal.

Illegal E-waste export is serious business. From 13-17 September, The 7th International Conference on Environmental Crime was hosted by INTERPOL at its headquarters in Lyon, France. The conference brought together some 200 senior officials from law enforcement agencies, non-government environment organizations and intergovernmental bodies who shared their expertise, knowledge and insights. Part of the conference agenda was E-waste. Interpol takes illegal environmental crime and particular illegal E-waste trade serious and created already in 2009 the Global E-Waste Crime group.

E-waste conference “In a world market, the key to combating illegal e-waste exports lies in developing on an intelligence-based approach and increasing the exchange of information across boundaries,” said Lord Smith, pointing to the role of the INTERPOL Global E-waste Crime Group in this respect. Earlier this year the Global E-waste Crime group had already a special meeting in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Quantifying the exact directions and magnitude of this e-waste trade at a global scale is difficult and much research is done to get the right figures. For more info see for example the Ewasteguide site.

The conferences and researches are showing that we must take the proper decommissioning of IT components serious. It is not an option it is mandatory for a professional IT organization.

And to remember where E-waste is all about, just have a look at this video.

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