The 6th Data Centres Europe conference

Data Centres Europe

Invited speaker and panelist at the 6th Data Centres Europe conference that was held at the 24th and 25th of June in Nice, France. A conference that paid special focus on enterprise customers of data centres and their evolving outsourcing needs as emerging private clouds, new technologies and market shift impact across the sector. This is the largest regional event with more than 500 executives from the data centre sector registered from all over Europe as well as the Middle East and North America.

Outline of the given presentation:


In a lot of organizations the information processing is still based on a medieval concept, the Information Fortress, which is a closed and static world. But business is changing. The modern organizations are open and dynamic, where any time, anyplace, anywhere access to information is the motto. Our IT departments have therefore an issue. How to keep balance between on the one hand the increasing demanding performance objectives and on the other hand the control on IT risks.

IT infrastructure is basically a value stack. A supply chain of stack elements who act as service components (People, Process and IT that adds up to an IT service). Although IT infrastructure delivers no direct business value, much of the business value is created in business processes that depends upon a solid and stable IT infrastructure. Zooming in and looking closer to this value stack or supply chain we see not only the expected functional interdependency but also several hard, not wanted, dependencies between the stack elements from a technical, procedural and organizational perspective. We see a stovepipe, a siloed, chained, restraining infrastructure instead of a flexible, supporting infrastructure. Because of this negative dependencies it is very difficult to keep balance. Virtualization technology can help you to get rid of the wrong kind of interdependencies. So if you want to change infrastructure because of commercial, functional, technical or capacity reasons you can change because it is easy to move and/or to alter.

But if all of this is possible why wait, why hesitate? Lets start to integrate the possibilities of virtualization technology in your sourcing strategy and create the flexibility the business is asking for.

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