Did you have your shock to day? Power supply for the data centers …

We maybe take electrical power supply to the data center for granted but these data centers are part of the complex electrical power value chain were the power transmission networks can be a bottle neck. The power grid can be thought of like a highway system: in most places and at most times traffic flows smoothly, but certain critical locations have insufficient capacity to meet the demand at peak periods (a.k.a. Critical Areas for Transmission Congestion). This rises concerns about data centers in these location on short-term. Also for the long term, certainly for the mid and large-scale data centers, there are concerns. Given the steep rising of energy consumption of data centers and the inelasticity of the electrical power infrastructure in technical-infrastructural and capacity management terms location strategy is of out most importance. But apart from studies in the U.S. are their other studies available for other parts of the world?

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